3rd Trimester

Here I am 38.5 weeks pregnant and counting down the days. The second trimester truly was a breeze compared to the horror that is the third trimester.

By now I am so large that even the maternity clothes I have been wearing aren’t fitting and my shoes are all too small due to the excessive swelling in my feet and ankles. I have bought a rubber wedding band because my hands are too swollen for my wedding rings. Even my face is fat.

I feel as though I really took for granted being comfortable. I miss just being able to sit on the couch and get cozy. I miss being able to sleep laying down and not waking up at all hours of the night for no reason. And now I can’t make any movements without something popping or without grunting.

I am soaking up all the kicks and punches, although they hurt a lot more than they use to. He’s running out of room very quickly. I’ve also been taking lot of picture so I will have proof on just how large I’ve actually become. I really didn’t think it was humanly possible. It is amazing what our bodies can do.

We have been spending every day off together preparing for Oliver. We have our baby bags packed, everything in the nursery put together, we stocked up on all household items, and I have all the postpartum items I could think of ready to go.

I am absolutely terrified of labor. I had been avoiding even thinking about it because it freaks me out. But now I am reading “Mind Over Labor” and watching “The Business of Being Born” trying to get into a healthy mindset. I’m probably the biggest wimp in the world, so this is extremely difficult for me. But I have my eyes on the prize– My sweet baby Oliver!

We can’t wait to meet our baby boy!

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