Second Trimester

I was so excited to enter the second trimester! Of course because the chances of miscarriage decreases about 80% and because the second trimester is suppose to be the easiest.

Although I am not done with my second trimester, it has been easier than the first. I have more energy, my skin is clearing up, and my hormones have gone from making me angry to making me sad (not really sure if this is any better.) My sciatic nerve is still extremely painful, but exercising has helped manage the pain.

The best thing by far in the second trimester was FINDING OUT THE GENDER! I was scheduled for my second sonogram at 21 weeks and while I was on the phone scheduling they informed me that they do not disclose the baby gender to the parents until birth… OH THE MILITARY. This was not going to fly. I immediately started looking into other options and found Great Expectations in New Braunfels and made the next available appointment.

I was 16 weeks when my husband and I got to have the best sonogram experience! Great Expectations was like a little boutique! It was extremely cute and comfortable. The woman who did the sonogram was probably the nicest human I’ve ever met, such a difference from what I had been going through at SAMMC.

Pretty quickly into the sonogram Oliver revealed his gender! I was over the moon excited for a baby boy and although Dad was hoping for a girl the look on his face could not hide his excitement. And now knowing the gender it was finally time to start planning and decorating!

Now I am at 21 weeks! I went in for my anatomy sonogram and my monthly appointment and everything is going well. I am aiming to gain 30-40lbs this pregnancy,  but have already gained 25 lbs! I need to lay off the Ben and Jerry’s and really start making time to add a pregnancy friendly workout into my daily routine. Indulging is a great thing about pregnancy, as long as it is managed.

My belly is here, round and large. But although it is totally noticeable to myself and my husband, I think to strangers I am in the weird faze where they don’t know if its baby or beer belly. Oliver is a whole pound! It really amazes me. Daddy is anxiously waiting to feel his kicks, but right now only I can feel them.

The nursery is finally coming along. We ripped up the carpet and installed hardwood floors, painted the walls white, and assembled the crib! (And by we I really mean He.) I haven’t wanted to buy anything for Oliver yet until the nursery is done so the incomplete nursery has been good to our budget. The theme is a black and white, Texas western boho.. Obviously I really couldn’t decide on one thing so it’s a blend of my favorite nurseries. Next step is to instal the baseboards and then get the dresser ready! I’m so anxious to get it done because I know the next few month are going to fly by.

I’m probably anxious to get it done because I feel the nesting starting. I have an urge to throw everything away and I wake up in the middle of the night to write lists of things I need to do and closets I need to organize. (This is totally normal, right?)


130 days until we meet our sweet baby boy! I am so anxious to see what he looks like. We had a 3D sonogram and will get another around 30 weeks, but for now I just stare at my husband and I’s baby pics and wonder.

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