First Trimester

Finding out I was pregnant was so surreal. I was at my friends house and after a couple of glasses of wine (whoops!) she insisted I take a test. When I took the test I was very hydrated… and the second line was so faint at first glance I was sure it meant I was not pregnant.

I went back to tell her the news and was so bummed. Later I went back into the bathroom to clean up and took a better look at the pee stick and there was a itty bitty faint second line. She was 100% sure that meant I was pregnant. I called a few other mom friends and they also assured me that I, for sure, was pregnant. I just was so unsure. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, or so easily.

I stopped by the firehouse on the way home to surprise my husband with the news and as soon as I showed up he immediately knew.

I went to target that night and bought about 10 more tests, a box of every brand. It finally hit me when the digital test read “Pregnant.” I couldn’t contain my excitement. I planned dinner with my mom for the next night so I could tell her in person right away. I wanted to tell everyone and their mama, and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve done having to wait until I was in the clear and my first trimester was over.

Luckily the first trimester wasn’t too hard for me. I was just moody and exhausted. I had no morning sickness.

I got familiar with my hospital and doctors. Then at 12 weeks we had our first sonogram! And that was when we decided we would announce. We soon got names picked out (Oliver Patrick and Lucie Elizabeth) and were so anxious to find out the gender.

The first trimester was the hardest so far and it feels so good to be out of it!


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