Home owning

I bought my first home when I was 20 years old! I came into some money and felt it was the best investment. I bought a cookie cutter house in a very suburban neighborhood. I got the biggest house I could afford. Through out college I rented out rooms to pay my mortgage and now my husband and I live here.

Since his is in the military, I know I will have to move sooner or later. But I plan on renting it out and keeping it as an investment property because central Texas is rapidly growing.

There is so much we would like to do to fix our house up, but right now I am thinking of cheap visually pleasing things to do. I just want to get it looking presentable to rent out for top dollar, nothing fancy because renters break everything.

My house is about 13 years old and it being a cookie cutter, crappy builder grade everything home, things have been breaking.

In the past four year of living here I have…

-Replaced the back door

-Had the garage door repaired

-Installed all new flooring

– Painted inside + out

-Fridge fixed, dishwasher fixed, AC fixed, garbage disposal fixed

-Installed new faucet


AND there’s always some project I need to get done. Stay tuned because I will be posting all my DIY projects here!

Home owning is hard work. Especially being so young and unprepared, but it was the best thing I could have invested my money in and I love having this house to call home.


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